GradSWE Overseas, Liberia

Investigating Renewable Energy in Liberia – LSWE Camp Day 5

Monday, 8/20/2018

Xiaohang Ji, Civil Engineering, MSE, GradSWE at UM

The second week of the camp start with more of the same – continuous rain.

The morning session was given by Courtney, with a topic about a case study about renewable energy that she had done in University of New South Wales in Australia. She presented a proposal making use of wind energy in California, explaining a whole procedure including introduction, design, literature review, analysis and conclusions. Courtney’s proposal gave the students a really professional example of the structure, the content and how to give an excellent presentation. After Courtney’s presentation, students should have had a better vision of what they need to do for their own case study and how to present it. So it is the best time for them to continue work on the case study and their presentation.

After lunch, the highlight of today happened – the egg drop final competition! The six egg drop teams gathered at the corridor on the third floor of the dorm. We distributed one raw egg to each team. The competition had two parts. The first part was to drop the egg aircrafts one by one.

Our egg drop location – from the top balcony of our apartment building

The second part of the competition was to drop the egg aircrafts together. The winner will be the team with the longest flying time aircrafts – longer air time means a lighter landing, and hopefully a secured egg! With much laughter, frantic changes, and good spirited competition, the teams drop their aircrafts on the count of 3. Except for one team, all eggs remained in tact and first place went to the slowest aircraft to touch the ground.

The only failing team’s splattered egg

Everyone had planned to give the first presentations after dinner, but due to the interruption of power supply, we moved the first presentations to Tuesday morning. It might be a good news for the teams because the power interruption gave more time for them to prepare. Looking forward to their presentations tomorrow!



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