GradSWE Overseas, Liberia

“Hands” On Engineering – LSWE Camp Day 7

Wednesday, 8/22/2018

Xiaohang Ji, Civil Engineering, MSE, GradSWE at UM

Start up with our morning with small sandwiches and boiled eggs, a brand new day comes!

Our breakfast of sandwiches and boiled eggs

In the morning, students continued to work on the FM Radio. There are a lot of additional information included in the FM Radio handout booklet. Students also put some time on reading the instructions and background knowledge. They tried their best to solder the elements on the circuit boards. After they finish soldering, most of the students wanted to keep them. Some of them from electrical engineering and related majors said that they had learned about the knowledge of the FM Radio, but they didn’t have access to do it by their own hands. Students pressured about the chance to make a FM Radio by themselves. As they were making on the FM Radio, they got a better understanding about the basic of the theories. As for the students from other different majors, they also felt this session was a good chance for them to learn about other engineering majors.

For lunch, we had chicken with potato leaves soup with rice and papaya, which provided our energy for the coming afternoon.

Our lunch of potato greens, rice, and papaya

Graduate School Application session began at the beginning of afternoon. This session started with two reflection questions: What do you know about graduate school? What have you heard about graduate school? After a warm discussion, Chris gave us an example by sharing what her academic career was. Based on her own experience, she showed the students how to write a good personal statement. As for other parts of graduate school application, Chris and Xiaohang gave tips of preparing letter of recommendation, CV, GRE and funding.

After the Graduate Program Application workshop, Lauren held her biomedical hand activity. Before everything starts, Lauren showed us a funny video of computer based walking pattern of different animals, which successfully draw the tensions of students. And then she explained to us how the nerves work in our hands, and then taught us how to make a hand model. Here’s the hands that students made.

Time flies. A day with a good combination of engineering activities and workshops ended. On our way back to dormitory, beautiful clouds showed up. What a fulfill and wonderful day!


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