Liberia SWE Partnership

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About L-SWE, the Liberia Society of Women Engineers

L-SWE is one of the first organizations in Liberia established to focus on encouraging women to study engineering. Established in 2013 by a group of ten female engineering students from the University of Liberia, the organization has already grown to include over 30 student members from 3 universities in Liberia. Already, the group has carried out an engineering competition for high school girls at a rural school in Liberia, as well as planned numerous other social and academic activities for their female peers when their university is in session. Additionally, in conjunction with the SWE at UM team, in June 2015 they coordinated a Networking Dinner of 20+ professionals and 40+ students in attendance, and in August 2015 organized the L-SWE SUCCESS Leadership Camp for 40 women in engineering from both the U.S. and Liberia (see below for more details). Their goal is to become the first SWE student affiliate group on the continent of Africa!


Partnership with SWE at the University of Michigan

Members from the SWE chapter at the University of Michigan (SWE at UM) have been traveling to Liberia to work with undergraduate Liberian students since 2011, and the SWE chapter has partnered with L-SWE since its inception in 2013. This partnership most recently resulted in the inaugural L-SWE SUCCESS (Setting Up Collegiates for Careers in Engineering through Social Support) annual Leadership Camp in which ten students from SWE at UM travelled to Liberia to develop engineering leadership and organizational development skills alongside 30 of their Liberian female undergraduate engineering peers. SWE at UM and L-SWE hope to be a model of student-led global partnerships that empower women studying engineering, and to be leaders in developing SWE international student initiatives.


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